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    My name is Angela and am a portrait photographer in Abbotsford, BC. I specialize in family and newborn photography. I am a mom of four beautiful little humans who inspire me everyday. I love to capture what is not tangible in this little journey we call life. Whether you have a specific vision or idea in mind or you might not know where to start. Either way I’d love to chat and go over preferences, styles and ideas and come up with something unique to you. My goal is to create timeless photographs to cherish forever and to capture your true raw emotion. Be you, be Authentic.

    xo, Angela

Top 25 items you Need in your Hospital Bag, the ultimate real deal list!

Abbotsford newborn, baby and maternity photographer.

Hospital Bag

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now and feel its long over due! A few weeks ago on a local mommy group I am a part of someone inquired on this exact subject and it got me going on it again.

Now this list is not the standard, everyday baby centre sponsored list. In this list Im about to get real, and give you some items that were recommended to me, some were posted on the group, and some that I have found I needed or wanted while staying at my hospital trips. This list is not just for first timers but hopefully a helpful reminder for repeat mommas as well.

1. Your Camera! (obviously this is number one on my list) Even if you are hiring a birth photographer still bring your own for all the other moments that won’t be covered in your photographers package.

2. I treated myself with new PJs for my Births and have found light weight with either button down form or thin tank work best for easy access feeds. I also have a light weight robe that was perfect!

3.Comfortable change go clothes for yourself and the Birth partner. My first go we had everything packed for baby and nothing for my husband. I was also under the delusion I would want something other then my lulus.

4.Travel Size toiletries. This is something I do when I take most trips but hospital bag a must. This way you can bring everything, save space and leave it behind.

5. Speaking of toiletries Dry shampoo! You will most likely feel like a quick freshener a time or two between visits and showers and dry shampoo is a life saver.

6.Full bum underwear, otherwise known as granny painties and Im serious. You will thank me later.

7.Large bum under ware leads me to the next item. Lrg Maxi pads. Most hospitals will supply these but you might want a different option.

8.Headbands and Chapstick and slippers. I don’t use these particular items regularly, however during labour these items came in very handy.

9.Snacks, packaged snack food to help break up the hospital food is a life saver some people suggested trail mix , cookies , crackers, granola bars, powder/instant soup.

10.Bottle water and /or juice. I craved apple juice others have mentioned poweraid, instant individual coffee and tea bags. charger

12.A prepared group text to announce the arrival. This will save a lot of time once baby arrives, and save you from missing anyone. your mind might be busy elsewhere;)

13.Some found hospital pillows uncomfortable or hard to feed with and suggest a BF pillow. I however love the hospital pillows and hoarded them. Which also saved me the bulky pillow. But I can see how it can be a lifesaver

14.Magazines, I preferred light reading of magazines as I had wondering thoughts and many interruptions that made novels a bit difficult to get into.

This is where it gets real!

15. Nipple cream. Just bring it.

16.Breast pads you might not be at the hospital long enough to actually need them, but will also protect your bra from the nipple cream.

17.Stoole softener…….yup just went there but think about it, you will want it.

18.A small gift for older siblings from baby. This can be a small cheap toy but a gift was so cherished by my oldest son from his baby sisters.

These next are more for baby

19.Take home outfit

20. Sleepers 2-3x Babies get messy and will most likely need a change or two!

21.Receiving Blankets, I found the hospital ones really irritated my little ones skin. (maybe the harsh cleaning agents) which i appreciate but hard on that fresh skin.

22.Wipes, of corse the hospital supplies these but they are lame, dry and hardly work.

23.Soothers ya ya. But the hospitals have these on lockdown and hidden in a secret Neverland somewhere, the nurses hide these and will only receive one if you get a dr nice enough to hunt more then 2min for them, you will be using yourself as a comfort which can get painful and exhausting!

24.A warm blanket

25. Last but not least a fully checked safety certified car seat!

Hopefully this list proves helpful and if you have a great idea or item please leave your must have items for other moms to learn from!

Hospital bag must haves!  The top items you needing a hospital bag. Real deal hospital bag

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