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    My name is Angela and am a portrait photographer in Abbotsford, BC. I specialize in family and newborn photography. I am a mom of four beautiful little humans who inspire me everyday. I love to capture what is not tangible in this little journey we call life. Whether you have a specific vision or idea in mind or you might not know where to start. Either way I’d love to chat and go over preferences, styles and ideas and come up with something unique to you. My goal is to create timeless photographs to cherish forever and to capture your true raw emotion. Be you, be Authentic.

    xo, Angela

Richard and Kinga | Abbotsford wedding photographer

Well can honestly say that it has been years since I have blogged a wedding. The truth is, it’s not that I don’t love them or are not proud of my work, but they are not my full time gig. However I do love them, and there was once a time when this was all I photographed, literally my first ever legit job was a wedding and from there, I never strayed, for years. Well many years later its the opposite but I just can’t let them go completely.
its kinda addicting photographing love.
Kinga and Richard were no exception.  When one of your long time girlfriends calls you up to take pictures, you obviously jump on that.  One of my favourite things about photographing friends weddings is being able to spend the day with them.  I literally am the person they are spending the whole day with and get I get to see the day unfold beginning to end, how lucky that this is my job.  Kinga moved away to enrol in school years ago and well…..never came back:p  Fast forward a few more years and the announcement was made, Kinga was going to be a bride!  I have shot a few weddings at Woobridge ponds in Abbotsford and it is a beautiful venue I am so grateful for such a great backdrop for this amazing day:)  Now onto some pictures!

2015-07-04_0001Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0002 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0010 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0009 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0008 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0007 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0003 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0004 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0012 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0011 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0013 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0017 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0016 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0015 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0014 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0018 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0019 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0020 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0027 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0024 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0025 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0026 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0028 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0029 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0030 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0031 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0033 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0034 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0036 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0038 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0039 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0040 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0042 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0044 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0045 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0046 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0048 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0049 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0051 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0052 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0053 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0054 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0055 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0057 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0058 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0060 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0062 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0064 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0065 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0066 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0067 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0068 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0069 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0070 Abbotsford wedding2015-07-04_0072 2015-07-04_00752015-07-04_00762015-07-04_00772015-07-04_00802015-07-04_00782015-07-04_00792015-07-04_00742015-07-04_0073

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