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    My name is Angela and am a portrait photographer in Abbotsford, BC. I specialize in family and newborn photography. I am a mom of four beautiful little humans who inspire me everyday. I love to capture what is not tangible in this little journey we call life. Whether you have a specific vision or idea in mind or you might not know where to start. Either way I’d love to chat and go over preferences, styles and ideas and come up with something unique to you. My goal is to create timeless photographs to cherish forever and to capture your true raw emotion. Be you, be Authentic.

    xo, Angela

Floral milk bath Maternity & Newborn Photography

Abbotsford Newborn & Maternity photographer

2015-10-14_0050 maternity photo

I am so excited to blog these sessions. When Caitlin asked me to do her maternity photos I knew what had to be done. Caitlin is usually up for anything and has a chance to get use to me behind the lens and my crazy suggestions, as I had the chance to do their wedding and engagement photos along with family photos they are no rookies over here. So when I shot her the idea of milk bath the obliged. Naturaly we started her session with a few casual pictures before which Caitlin looked stunning. And well Dave was well, Dave.  JK ! he actually has got a lot more natural over the years I think Im breaking him;)

As soon as I had heard the news that Caitlin had delivered a beautiful baby girl, I again had to take the the awesomeness of the maternity session and relay in over to her baby photos.  Cue in the flowers!

Aside from the florals mom brought in lots of goodies to work into photos like one of a kind aunty made onsie and the super soft and cute feather blankie from Vonbon apparel and the cutest little mocs from Minimoc  and I even was able to use my pink bailysknits throw for the first time.  Whoot Whoot!  I have had and used all of the above  with my littles and have been tried and tested, all are amazing products:)

Motherhood looks good on you my friend! Congratulations!


Abbotsford newborn photographer, located in the fraser valley specializing in newborns and maternity


2015-10-14_00212015-10-14_00222015-10-14_0023 maternity photo2015-10-14_0024 maternity photo2015-10-14_0025 maternity photo2015-10-14_0026 maternity photo2015-10-14_0027 maternity photo2015-10-14_0028 maternity photo2015-10-14_0029 maternity photo2015-10-14_0030 maternity photo2015-10-14_0031 maternity photo2015-10-14_0032 maternity photo2015-10-14_0033 maternity photo2015-10-14_0034 maternity photo2015-10-14_0035 maternity photo2015-10-14_0036 maternity photo2015-10-14_0037 maternity photo2015-10-14_0038 maternity photo2015-10-14_0039 maternity photo2015-10-14_0040 maternity photo2015-10-14_0041 maternity photo2015-10-14_0042 maternity photo2015-10-14_0043 maternity photo2015-10-14_0044 maternity photo2015-10-14_0045 maternity photo2015-10-14_0046 maternity photo2015-10-14_0047 maternity photo2015-10-14_0048 maternity photo2015-10-14_0049 maternity photo2015-10-14_0051 maternity photo2015-10-14_0052 maternity photo

2015-10-14_0001 newborn photo2015-10-14_0002 newborn photo2015-10-14_0003 newborn photo2015-10-14_0004 newborn photo2015-10-14_0005 newborn photo2015-10-14_0006 newborn photo2015-10-14_0007 newborn photo2015-10-14_0008 newborn photo2015-10-14_0009 newborn photo2015-10-14_0010 newborn photo2015-10-14_0011 newborn photo2015-10-14_0012 newborn photo2015-10-14_0013 newborn photo2015-10-14_0014 newborn photo2015-10-14_0015 newborn photo2015-10-14_0016 newborn photo2015-10-14_0017 newborn photo2015-10-14_0018 newborn photo2015-10-14_0019 newborn photo2015-10-14_0020 newborn photo

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