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    My name is Angela and am a portrait photographer in Abbotsford, BC. I specialize in family and newborn photography. I am a mom of four beautiful little humans who inspire me everyday. I love to capture what is not tangible in this little journey we call life. Whether you have a specific vision or idea in mind or you might not know where to start. Either way I’d love to chat and go over preferences, styles and ideas and come up with something unique to you. My goal is to create timeless photographs to cherish forever and to capture your true raw emotion. Be you, be Authentic.

    xo, Angela

Well finally these two have said yes and I was so excited to be asked to shoot their special day. They kept the day traditional and waited to see each other until the ceremony and its was perfect. Megan was stunning and she had a beautiful planned wedding to match. I don’t take on a lot of wedding each year but when I do I just fall in love with all the emotion all over again… and lets face it its a nice break to work with clients that I don’t need a noise maker for them to look at me.
The venue was Whonnok lake which is one of my favourites which screams outdoors and beautiful lake and forest views.
Congratulations Meghan and Trevor xoxo

Check out their engagement session here

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Decor: Chrissy Champagne Dreams

DJ: Absolute DJs

Hair and Makeup : Be Studio

Wedding and bridesmaid dresses: Champagne & Lace

Groom & Groomsman attire : Ronald Allen 


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I am holding another favourite things giveaway this week and this one is so so handy I hope it makes your life a little easier!!!   I have teamed up with Victoria Senges to give one of our lucky instagram followers a meal planner that I use ALL. THE. TIME! It not only is super practical, but super cute as well! Not a meal planner ?  No problem you will be after following a few of my super simple tricks below, which help me and my family stay on track health and budget wise.typeA_0006

Okay so I have been on the Meal Planning kick for a while and I must admit it is not something I love to do but….. It really has been such a great habit. It was a new years resolution to try and cut down the grocery bill a bit and get organized. I started out with small baby steps and now have a good grove and have manages to cut down our monthly grocery bill by an average of 300 dollars!! Now it took a little leg work to begin with but now its like clockwork and really dent take more then a few minutes a week.

Here are a few easy hints that has helped me stick to it and helped me save some cash.

1)First I started compiling a whole list of meals I could think of and kept it handy so when another meal came to mind I jotted it down anything from spaghetti to tuna sandwiches. Any meal simple or complex I added it.

2) Then I started to plan out my weeks, keeping my schedule in mind activities if I was out all day and eventually got to a point where I would rate the days business on a scale of 1-3. 1=Nothing planned for the day 2= an activity or appointment or two but still time to do basic prepping 3= its a crazy day need something quick and easy. Then I rated my food list the same way. 1=pretty intensive meal prep or time consuming 2= standard prep simple recipes don’t generally involve recipes 3= quick pre made meals or super simple quick recipes

3) When I first started I didn’t go planning crazy I just plans a meal or two a week then moved to monday-friday planning. I now plan the whole month excluding most weekends. Now I do know a few ladies who work on a 6 week cycle of recipes but I think thats a little to far out for me at the moment.

How did I start saving money doing this? Well its just naturally started cutting down the bill with the plan but then I started a few other habits which really made the difference.

When I planned my meals I made sure a lot of the meals coordinated ingredients so I could by in bulk.
for example I buy all my ground beef and chicken in bulk from costco or Nuefiuld farms. Ill explain what I do with all this in a sec. Also meals that offered up the same veggies I tried to make in the same weeks plan or end of one week beginning of another.

Another cost cutting tip is online ordering, they often have promo codes and you are more likely to stick to the list and only get what you need.  The also have a option to shop from the flyers of the week so you can base a few meals according to whats on sale.

I try to meal prep once a month also which cuts out cooking time and helps for crazy days, this is where the bulk buying comes in. I try and do this every time I get a large amount of one item and try to break it up so it doesn’t get to repetitive and are eating chicken breast for 5 days straight.

A meal prep example goes a little like this,

Ground beef:
meatballs, hamburgers or meatloaf (not cooked prep shape and freeze )
cook meat for spaghetti sauce,lasagna, chilli, and stuffed peppers.

frozen meals I prep then freeze.
spaghetti and lasagna and chilli I able batch and free one and refrigerate the others.

Chicken same thing I pre cook some for salads and stirfrys during the week, I often then will make a crock pot of soup or marinate for later in the week.

I dont do this every week but try once a month and it totally helps on those crazy days or weeks or when you just don’t feel like cooking!

Hope these pointers helped and hopefully can help save the dinner guessing game everyday.

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This family rocked their session, not only did they all do so great, they also managed to pull of coordinating the whole lot of them. I love how they added the little pop of colour to the mix.
When I book family sessions 9 times out of ten I often get a email following about what to wear and honestly there is no simple answer.

But this session is a perfect example on how to do it right with extended families, and can easily be applied to small families as well.

I always try and tell my clients that it is important to keep a style that is true to them, it helps them be more comfortable and less awkward in photos because if they are not comfortable you will see in in the photos.

Another key point to remember is try to co-ordinate and try not to be two matchy matchy.  Try to avoid a uniform look and to not have people in the same outfit.  This helps break up the individuals and makes everyone stand out.  Gone are the days of everyone in white shirts and denim jeans.

If you have someone who is difficult to dress start with them and pull everyones outfits from there.

Also pick a colour scheme or palate and try to incorporate 3-5 coordinating colours, patterns, or prints. This helps to avoid the matching factor and is more appeasing to the eyes.  A contrasting colour is also a great idea to help break up the colour palate.  It breaks up the colour scheme nicely.

A couple other small things to remember when dressing the whole family is there will be posing throughout you session and not all will be standing so white socks with dark shoes will shoe, not only a fashion faux paus but more a distraction to the picture.  Also dress for the location.  Try to match the type of style of clothing with location, or depending on the type of portrait a complete contrast.

Again these are just some tips and should only be taking into consideration but defiantly not “rules” and in the end just do you, because again that is who we are trying to capture:)

2016-04-24_00012016-04-24_00022016-04-24_00032016-04-24_00042016-04-24_00052016-04-24_00062016-04-24_00072016-04-24_00082016-04-24_00092016-04-24_00102016-04-24_0011 coordinating outfits2016-04-24_0012 large family photo posing2016-04-24_00132016-04-24_00142016-04-24_00152016-04-24_00162016-04-24_00172016-04-24_00182016-04-24_00192016-04-24_00202016-04-24_0021 modern family photo2016-04-24_0022 extended family photo2016-04-24_0023 large family photo2016-04-24_00242016-04-24_00252016-04-24_00262016-04-24_0027

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When I heard Mom and Dad of these babies were pregnant I was so excited for them, but when they learned they were having twins, I was even more excited. Although its always a bit od a shock hearing you are expecting two, once you have done it, you kinda feel excited that someone else gets to experience the joy, and craziness of twins. I have had the pleasure of photographing this family many times, starting with their wedding, a few maternity and family session and of corse the newborn sessions and I still get excited to see them:) Abbotsford newborn photographer, located in Abbotsford bc specializing in maternity newborn family and wedding photography.2016-04-09_0025 Abbotsford photographer2016-04-09_00262016-04-09_00272016-04-09_00282016-04-09_00292016-04-09_00302016-04-09_00312016-04-09_00322016-04-09_00332016-04-09_00342016-04-09_00352016-04-09_00362016-04-09_00372016-04-09_00382016-04-09_00392016-04-09_00402016-04-09_00412016-04-09_00422016-04-09_00432016-04-09_0044

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Sweet Baby G was back to celebrate her first Birthday and her mom pulled out all the stops. Including her adorable first birthday outfit. We started with a few family pictures and then headed for some traditional cake smash pictures. We took advantage of this amazing weather we have been having and did it outdoors. Abbotsford family photographer, located in the fraser valley.2016-04-20_00252016-04-20_00262016-04-20_00272016-04-20_00282016-04-20_00292016-04-20_00302016-04-20_00312016-04-20_00322016-04-20_00332016-04-20_00342016-04-20_00352016-04-20_00362016-04-20_00372016-04-20_00382016-04-20_00392016-04-20_00402016-04-20_00422016-04-20_00432016-04-20_00442016-04-20_00452016-04-20_00462016-04-20_00472016-04-20_00482016-04-20_00492016-04-20_00502016-04-20_0051

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